Disneybounding: A breakdown of my outfits

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my trip and this is the first bit of Disney content I’m posting! This wasn’t the plan, but then I didn’t expect the recovery to take quite so long. I thought it was finally time for me to share a breakdown of my Disneybounds from my trip, the character they are based on and where I got the items. I will be posting some more Disney content over the next few weeks on my YouTube channel, including the last of my vlogs if that’s something you’re into. Without further ado, onto the outfits!

Quick note: I actually did not Disneybound every day so there will be some days which are skipped.

Day 1: Minnie Mouse


Okay this is the best image I have so I thought I’d include us all, as we all did Minnie based outfits for the first day. I wanted to keep it relatively simple for Minnie, as I was mostly still working out what would be too much for the parks, and what I was going to be comfortable in. I don’t generally wear jewellery as I find it irritating, and I definitely didn’t want to be dealing with that in the Florida heat, so I kept it simple with a Minnie outline silver necklace which was only £3.50 from Ebay and my Not A Fitbit. I then have this super cute bardot top which was £7 in the sale and mustard converse from New Look, which by the way New Look converse are super comfortable for the fab price of £10 and last well! I finished it off with a Minnie feel with this skirt from Ebay, which actually only cost me £5 for that and a neckerchief in a fancy dress set. This worked well for me as it was light and thin, perfect for the heat.

Day 3: Universal Studios


For Universal I had two Harry Potter based outfits lined up, both of which included a hand made skirt from Etsy. Due to weather changing our days around, I actually didn’t get the chance to wear the second one, which was the one I liked better! Although it was a shame, I just consider it something to save for our honeymoon 😉 For this outfit I used my Minnie necklace again, as I couldn’t get my HP choker to stay on. I’m also wearing a Ravenclaw vest from Primark, but that I got on Ebay for £10, a Harry Potter clutch from Primark for £12 and Harry Potter converses which were from Primark at £8. Although I absolutely adore these shoes, and I used to consider Primark my favourite place for comfortable converse, these were horrible painful due to the loop at the back. Unfortunately this is second pair of Primark converse I’ve had this issue with, after buying a gorgeous Marie pair from them before my holiday which give me blisters everytime I wear them. Sorry Primark, but I’m afraid New Look is winning this round. Lastly, I finished it off with a beautiful skirt from Etsy shop PicknMix. This was a stunning piece, along with other skirt I purchased from them, and I absolutely could not recommend them enough. They do a huge selection of skirts, lots of nerdy themes such as Batman, Star Wars or Sherlock, but they also do non pop culture work too. Check out their shop here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PicknMix

 Day 4: Mary Poppins


I must admit I struggled to put together an outfit for Mary Poppins. I had decided on a fabric a while ago that I wanted for a skirt, but when I got around to ordering it for my trip it was out of stock everywhere, so had to impulsively change my plans. That is how we ended up with this. Having said that, I was quite happy with the outcome, and the outfit was cool and comfortable even in the crazy heat we were dealing with. The white blouse was £12 from Primark, the “not Toms”were £10 from New Look (again, super comfortable, entirely recommend) and the skirt was home made. I ordered the fabric from Ebay for £16.50 for I believe three metres, which was enough for around 3 elasticated skirts it turns out because I can’t judge fabric at all. I also added a small red strawberry necklace which annoyingly you can’t see in this photo, which was very old and from Avon.

Day 5: Alice In Wonderland.


I’m going to admit that this outfit did not go at all to plan. Every mistake I could possibly have made with this skirt, I made. I went through all of the 3 metres of Alice fabric I bought by cutting it wrong in the first place, and every time I tried to fix it cutting it wrong again until eventually all I had fabric left for was an uneven patchwork effect. I also cut the blue part wrong twice, wasting two different blue fabrics. And finally, when it came to putting the outfit on that morning, I realised that due to the change in fabric, the blue now clashed with the blouse I originally bought for this outfit. So I used my Poppins one. And hence this outfit was born! I do not have a total on the cost of the Alice skirt, as doing so would be far too depressing, and I can’t even remember where the key necklace came from as I’ve had it forever, sorry! The converse were again £10 from New Look, and I customised them with some super glue and gems, and a new set of laces.

Day 10: Jane Porter, Tarzan


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to have a photo with Jane in this outfit, but as we all know, Disney is incredible hectic and plans are in no way solid. This dress was £15 from Primark, and I removed the sleeves myself as they were originally elbow length. This dress was SUPER comfortable as it’s so thin and floaty, it helped me to stay cool and didn’t cling or squeeze anywhere, will definitely take this on my next trip! I then included a little monkey outline necklace from Ebay for £2.50 (again annoyingly can’t see it in this photo) and a chunky elephant necklace I got on holiday in Mexico, and a couple of wooden bead bracelets from Ebay for £5. I wore my white converse again, as I didn’t have anything else with me that suited Jane, and the giraffe ears were from Marwell Zoo, which I actually bought specifically to wear in Animal Kingdom. Fun fact: Safari Mickey & Minnie LOVED these!

Day 11: Snow White & Mulan

Okay so I doubled up one day! I know, that totally seems excessive, however as you can see from the numbering of my days, I missed quite a few planned outfits due to plans changing. I also realised that my Mulan skirt no longer fit as I’d lost weight in the run-up to holiday, and so was left with just a top. I decided the best thing to do was to combine it with my Snow skirt, and as both Snow & Mulan are in EpCot I decided to quickly switch out my top to meet Mulan. This turned out really well, as although the colours were a little more of a clash than what I had originally planned, the Snow top was quite thick and high necked, and by the time I got to Mulan I was super glad to take it off!

The peplum top for Snow was £4.99 from Ebay, the yellow skirt £5 from Everything5pounds.com & I used my red “not Toms” from New Look again. I also added a little poison apple necklace for £3.50 from Ebay. As for Mulan, the top was from Etsy and is available in a great selection of colours from this shop https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/RainbowTank which has a whole bunch of other loose and comfortable Disney tops with some brilliant designs. Lastly I wore my own custom Moana ears!

Day 12: Marie, Aristocats


Oh my, this outfit was cute but SO hot!! The t-shirt sleeves were sticking to me and the skirt fabric was way too thick. Although I loved this outfit, this is definitely more suited to Summer in the U.K. Both the tshirt and skirt were from EMP, who by the way have some of the loveliest Disney collections. The tshirt was £16.99 and the skirt was £31.99, so a little more of an investment, but at this point I had been looking at it for months and had a £35 voucher for EMP so decided to make use of it! I will 100% get more wear out of this outfit at home as I love it. I did originally intend to make myself some custom Marie ears but ran out of time before the trip. Next time!

And that is the last of my Disneybounds! I did have other outfits with me, but either I didn’t get a chance to wear them due to swapping park days around, or because the weather was so much hotter than usual for that time of year. Now that I have experienced a trip, I’m not sure that I’d Disneybound again, but if I did I’d certainly be a lot wiser on what to wear. For anyone interested I will post photos of what I wore on the days I was not in bounding outfits at the bottom of this post, obviously except the days I was at waterparks!

For more Florida content, check out my YouTube!


Kit xx





How do I wedding?

Well this is certainly a new topic for me to write about! For anyone who follows me on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or just about any of my other social medias, you’ll know that I recently got engaged. It was during my trip to Disney World in September and was everything I’d ever dreamed of! I couldn’t have asked for a better location for it to happen, and I’m very fortunate to have had my brother on scene with a DSLR so I have some lovely photos of the moment to treasure!


Since I got home, absolutely everyone has wanted a part of the excitement. Whilst that’s been lovely and I’ve been allowed to feel special, as someone who has never been particularly comfortable in the limelight, it’s certainly taking some getting used to. I’ve also quickly discovered that as soon as you get engaged, every person you’ve ever met has 10 million questions about your wedding plans.

I always knew that wedding planning was strenuous, and that it involved more decisions than I’ve ever been comfortable making. However, I had no idea that the wedding interrogation began the moment that ring is slipped onto your finger. Of course, like most women, I’ve been theoretically planning my wedding for many years, and have enjoyed conversations about imaginary weddings with a large variety of people for a long time. But there is some kind of weight that seems to hang over those conversations once the looming reality of a wedding is involved.

For the last few weeks, Karl and I have been having some rather circular conversations around the overwhelming amount of decisions that are involved in wedding planning, and have only managed to discern that I am entirely unprepared for them. If there’s one thing that is commonly known about me as a human being, it’s that I’m one of the most indecisive people I know. The only exception I know of is my mother, which at least explains where I get it from. (Sorry Mum, but you know it’s true.)

Today we actually made some progress. We’ve been waiting for 4 weeks, but the day finally rolled around for us to go and visit my dream venue. It’s been the first real planning activity that we’ve done, and has certainly helped to bring some reality to the experience. It was lovely to finally see this place in person, and to have the opportunity to ask questions, and get an actual ideal of the cost etc. It’s helped us to feel that we have a rough plan, timescale and vision for what we would like from our special day. Nothing can be said for certain until the deposit is paid and an official date is set, but for the time being I can say that we have chosen our venue. From here on out, it’s all about saving money, and putting it against decisions to secure them.

I’ll be posting updates now and then on how the process is going, as I’m pretty sure the people around me are going to get sick of my wedding chatter rather soon! So instead, I’ll just share the planning journey with the internet, and who knows, maybe I’ll even work out some tips to share along the way. Hopefully sharing my process and decisions could help someone else out!

If you’re planning a wedding, leave me a comment, especially if you have any tips to share!


Kit xx

Mental Health

Honest about how I’m feeling

I’m not okay. That’s right, I said it.

If there’s one thing in this world I do not ever like to be, it’s a hypocrite. I’ve spent several years now doing my best to be an advocate for mental health issues, walking a very delicate line between being open and unashamed of my condition, whilst also not sharing what are still very personal details of my life and keeping my privacy. It’s hard to discuss mental health conditions in a light and airy way, without getting consumed with insecurity that people will think you’re only bringing it up for attention.

“There she goes talking about that ‘condition’ again” “If she’s really ill she wouldn’t tell people” “She’s just using it as an excuse” “She just wants you to feel sorry for her and to ask for more information so she can pull you in”

It’s a delicate balance, trying to be part of the solution whilst also not tipping yourself over the edge of the “okay” act that you have to put on every day. I want to be a part of removing the stigma and shame of talking about mental health, I want to help this to become an ordinary thing to talk about. But I am only human, and I feel the shame too.

I feel like the only way I can talk about it is in a positive light. People are happy to talk to you about your condition when you keep it brief. People can discuss how mental health is more common than people realise and that everyone will struggle with some kind of mental health condition at some point or another when it’s with a person who is at peace with their condition. People can discuss how a condition can look like many different faces, as long as the person they’re discussing it with has the face of someone who is coping. But nobody wants to talk to you about your health when it’s slipping.

The simple task of keeping the act going, keeping the face on, telling everyone that you’re coping, is an incredibly draining one and it cannot go on forever. No matter how long you’ve been coping, no matter how proud you are of it, it can still slip at any time. And when it does, suddenly you don’t want to talk about it any more. Advocacy feels like far too much of a risk because the last thing you want to do is draw anyone’s attention to your condition, or for anyone to realise that perhaps you aren’t coping so well any more.

I know that isolation is a part of my condition. I know that when I start to get unwell again I shut down and stop talking. I know that I lose my passion and motivation, and start finding more reasons to stay inside. I know that my temper slips out of my control, and that my outbursts are not truly directed at the person who is in front of me in the moment. I know all of this, and yet I can find a million other causes to blame it on than the fact that I am not well. I will still believe that something else is causing it, and I am fine, thank you.

Here’s the thing, I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I don’t want to spend the good times encouraging others to speak more openly about their conditions, to be proud of their history and to bring these discussions into the every day, only to hide from them when it’s not convenient for me. I can’t shut myself away from the world while I continue to post a highlight reel of my life onto social media and use my platforms for only positivity, when I so often tell people that I want to put myself out there as a real, feeling person for others with mental health conditions to see.

So here I am, in the middle of a PTSD spiral, writing a blog post that I’ll likely regret tomorrow. I’m a person with a supportive family, and a loving fiance. I work an office job, with a team of people who I like and who to at least some degree, I think actually get me. I enjoy cosplaying, modelling, writing, travel, YouTube, reading & many other creative activities. I’m passionate and driven, and I constantly try to put myself out there. I’m also unpredictable & obsessive to the point where I will work myself into illness. I have fibromyalgia, and struggle to accept when I can’t do something because of it. I have high functioning anxiety and I nitpick myself to pieces. And sometimes, I fall back into unhealthy mindsets.

I am a real person, and I feel more than simply the positive, inspirational things that we all choose to share on social media. Today, I want to commit to being the person I want to be, to use my platform to share the good & the bad, and to be an honest place for anyone to come and see that we all have worries, fears and negative feelings. Life is a journey we are all on together, and we shouldn’t fear sharing both the highs and lows, to wherever we are comfortable. I hope that being here encourages you to cut yourself a little more slack, and to give yourself a little more room to feel.

I’m not okay. And that’s fine, because I will be again.

Kit xx



Disney vlogs on YouTube

Just a quick post today, I know I haven’t blogged in a few weeks but I’m still getting back into the swing of things at home so now back regularly writing just yet.

However during my Disney blog posts here I did mention that I would be creating Disney vlogs from my trip on YouTube. For anyone who was interested in watching those, I have now released the first portion of the trip.

I will be updating with Week 1 & 2 as soon as I can get them edited so subscribe if Disney Vlogs is something you enjoy as much as I do!


My Top 10 shows

3 DAYS!!!!!!

Well, it seems yesterday’s article decided not to publish? I guess we’ll just have to use it today, such a shame as I was on a roll for not missing a day of holiday hype!

After the advice of my previous post, it’s time for another excitement fuelled list! As we all know the countdown is keeping me plenty hyped, but I still wanted to share that excitement with you, and I consider this a kind of sneak peak to my Disney vlogs, giving you an idea of what we will be up to and prioritising doing in the parks. So without further ado, here are my top 10 shows to see at Disney World.


10 Voyage of The Little Mermaid

Hollywood Studios has a great selection of live shows, which summarise some of my favourite movies, including Beauty and the Beast. However, I must say that The Little Mermaid just tops that for me. I enjoy the puppetry and generally the clever staging of this show. I’m also looking forward to taking Hollie to see this particular show as Ariel is her favourite.


9 The Festival of the Lion King

Although it’s quite low on my list, I would absolutely recommend making time for Festival of the Lion King during your time at Animal Kingdom. The music is fantastic live, and there are some fantastic acrobats which fit seamlessly into the performance. It’s described on the Disney website as a musical extravaganza, and I would definitely agree with that. It’s also a chance to spot some characters which are rarely (if ever) seen around the parks!


8 Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Somehow, despite saying I’d like to see this every time I’ve visited, I’ve never managed to get to PhilharMagic. I’ve heard fantastic things about it, and it’s hyped as a hidden gem by many of the Disney vloggers and bloggers that I follow. The website sells it as a 3D movie musical starring many favourite Disney characters, and to be honest that sounds like something I’d be into. At the very least, it’s the chance to get a break in the air con.


7 Disney’s Movie Magic

I have a confession to make; I don’t like the new Chinese Theatre at Hollywood Studios. Shocking I know! But I was a huge fan of the big Mickey Sorcerer hat, and was pretty devastated when I heard it was gone. I’m still unsure how I feel at the idea of walking into the park for the first time this trip and not seeing the hat waiting for me! Having said all that, I am very interested what they can do with the large flat backdrop of the theatre, and with this show described as a way to “relive your favourite moments in cinema with classic projections that feature the magic of Disney” maybe it could win me over to the new addition. Maybe.

maxresdefault (1)

6 Tree of Life Awakenings

I can’t even put into words how excited I am for Pandora. I’ve been trying to keep myself as spoiler free as possible, skipping any parts of vlogs that include it and not looking at anything to do with the rides. However, I do know that I absolutely adore the Tree of Life in general, and I’ve heard that Pandora lights up spectularly at night, including a display on the tree. I will definitely be making this a priority to see on one of our evenings at Animal Kingdom.

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 1.03.02 AM

5 Illuminations

I did actually manage to see Illuminations at least once on a previous visit to Disney (may have been more I can’t actually remember!). However it’s been a long time and I have very little memory left of it, other than being blown away. Despite all the years this show has been around, it still comes highly recommended, and I figure it would be worth another viewing.


4 Festival of Fantasy

I know it’s a little bit sad as an adult, but I’m really excited for the parade. It’s one of the main attractions that makes me feel like I’m at Disney, there’s nothing quite like it somewhere else. Although I’m excited for all the parades, I’m especially excited for this one, as I’ve seen it included in so many vlogs over the years, I’m looking forward to finally see in person.  From what I’ve heard, Peter Pan is a rather large feature in it too!


3 Rivers of Light

Again I’ve been keeping a rather blind eye to Pandora in general, but I’ve heard some fantastic things about Pandora’s new night time show. From the very few images I have stumbled over, it looks rather unique and I’m interested to see how Disney interpret the world of Pandora.


2 Happily Ever After

The last time I visited Disney World, there was nothing like this. The only night time shows were at Hollywood Studios and EpCot, so a night time show on the castle is the perfect next step for us. I am a little bit disappointed that I missed Wishes, as it was a long running fan favourite. However, I’ve not seen a single Wishes fan that doesn’t love the new Happily Ever After. Again, I’ve kept this as spoiler free as possible, but there are a few things I know about which I’m thrilled to see!


1 Fantasmic

This will always and forever be top of my list. I can’t fully explain why I love this show so passionately, but every time I’ve seen it, I end up crying all the way through. A few days ago I put on the soundtrack to the show whilst I was sewing and ended up crying with excitement. It’s a wonderful mix of the best of Disney movies, it has an incredible theme and is a fabulous tribute to Disney in general, with Mickey front and centre. I could not recommend enough finding tiem for Fantasmic in your trip, I would even say make time to see it twice, I certainly will be.

There you have it, my top shows that I will be trying to see on this trip. What’s your favourite Disney World show?


Kit xx


Why Autumn is my favourite season to visit Disney World.

5 DAYS!!!!!

For anyone who has visited Disney before, I’m sure you’ll agree that they do seasonal theming better than anyone else. There are many additional shows, food, decorations and character outfits that contribute to changing the feel in the park depending on the time of year that guests visit, which encourages us to feel like we need to visit again at a different time of year to see what else is on offer. I honestly believe this is large park of what makes Disney resorts so addictive, and somewhere that you feel you want to visit over and over again, to see all of the constant changes and differences that the seasons bring.

Having said all of that, I’d like to talk to you about why Autumn is my absolute favourite season to visit Walt Disney World.


The temperature is more bearable

It’s still pretty hot, so if you’re not great at heat then you’ll likely still struggle. However I love going to hot places, so for me it’s perfect. In the Autumn the weather in Orlando can be stormy,  but most of the storms tend to last around 10 minutes and clear to beautiful blue skies. The temperatures are not quite as intense as during the summer, which means you can enjoy the parks without being at risk of melting, but it’s still warm enough for waterparks and sunbathing.

It’s less busy

As far as I’m aware there’s no longer a ‘quiet season’ in Disney. When I last visited ten years ago, the parks were almost completely empty in September and it was wonderful. We could pretty much walk straight on to any attraction we wanted. However with the increase of special seasonal events, more & more people are realising there is no bad time to visit Disney. Having said all of that, the Autumn months do tend to be less busy, and even better it’s less populated with children as most of them, including the U.S kids, are now back at school. This is a huge benefit, whether you are travelling with kids or not. If like us you’re not, it’s great! Enjoy your adults only trip in at least relative peace. If you are travelling with kids, it means there is more chance of your kiddos getting the spotlight with the characters and in the parades etc as there is less competition.


The decorations and theming are beautiful

The parks are beautifully redecorated for Autumn, and although the other seasonal decorations are wonderful too, I have to admit Autumn is already my favourite time of year. From cutesy ghost statues, to hundreds of pumpkins and leaves everywhere, almost anywhere in the park makes a charming backdrop for photos. This even extends to the characters, with some of them having special Autumnal outfits for the season, and right into the shops & restaurants. As per the expectation with Disney, nothing is missed and the park is completely transformed, almost enough to look like a different park altogether.


Selection of Autumn foods

As you already know if you read my post yesterday, you’ll know how excited I am to eat all the amazing foods that the Disney parks have to offer. As someone who highly appreciates Pumpkin Spice, I’m especially excited for all of the pumpkin goodies that are added to that range for the season. There are plenty of other treats that feature in the park, such as giant cinnamon buns at the Main Street Bakery, the Jack Skellington cake pop at Sleepy Hollow & Haunted Mansion cakes. There’s also the EpCot Food and Wine Festival, featuring mouthwatering foods from all around the world! If that doesn’t get you drooling I don’t know what will.


Halloween is life

I am quite possibly one of the biggest fans of Halloween in the world. Unfortunately the holiday isn’t a huge deal in the U.K and so it’s always been a dream of mine to one day celebrate Halloween in the U.S where it much more appreciated. I’m not going to be there for the 31st this time, however I can see that Halloween is already in full swing in the parks, with special merchandise filling all the stores. Every year when this happens at home, I always get lost in buying way more decorations and accessories than I need, and we all know that the only other thing I love as much as Halloween is Disney, so I’m sure we can appreciate how dangerous this combination is for my purse.


Extra events

If you’re looking to fit as many experiences into your trip as possible, this is great time to go. As mentioned above, there is the EpCot Food and Wine Festival, which provides a host of new experiences at the EpCot park for visitors. However there is also the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party on at Magic Kingdom on approximately half of the evenings of the month, leaving you plenty of chances to catch a party. These evenings include exclusive shows and a parade, meet and greet with characters who are not usually seen around the park, and food & drinks that are especially for party guests.

Free dining plan at resorts

If you’re staying on property and especially interested in tasting all of the seasonal food, Disney actually run several offers from August through to December offering free Disney Dining Plan packages. This can be a massive saving if you can time your visit right, leaving you the option to upgrade to a bigger dining plan for the same price you would’ve paid the basic one.

There you have it, all the reasons why Autumn in Disney in my favourite. Tell me when is your favourite time to visit Disney and why?


Kit xx

Disney · Food

Top 10 foods I am excited for at Disney World!

6 DAYS!!!!

As stated at the top of the page, I am a massive foodie. I love food far more than is socially acceptable, and I love Disney, and so you can be sure that I have done my research when it comes to food in the parks. So today I thought I would share with you the top 10 foods on my Disney bucket list, because of course there’s more than ten!


10. Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich

Starting off at number ten is the simple but highly discussed Mickey Sandwich. I’m told these are available at multiple ice cream carts throughout all of the parks and they seem to be regularly praised by Disney bloggers. For a simple and relatively cheap treat, I must say I like the idea of convenience, and look forward to adding my post of approval alongside all the other bloggers.


9. Gaston’s Tavern, Magic Kingdom

Okay, so I’m definitely looking forward to tasting Le Fou’s Brew, it’s hugely hyped by pretty much anyone who has tasted it and it sounds delicious. However, to be honest, I’m mostly all about getting that Gaston cup for my house. I’m more than happy to pay the extra to bring one of those bad boys home! Also I feel like the warm cinnamon roll is worth a shout out here, at only $5 it is massive and looks like perfect for a snack break in the air conditioning.


8. Eight Spoon Cafe, Animal Kingdom

I have seen this talked about in so many places, but the one who has most sold it to me is the Disney Food Blog Guide. After watching one of their many videos about the amazing dining options in Disney, I am 100% committed to tasting one of the baked Mac’n’Cheese pots they have on the menu. It looks absolutely incredible, and I was already fully intending to taste some real Mac’n’Cheese while in the U.S. so this just helps to make that goal even easier to achieve.


7. Krispy Mickey Treats

I believe there are several places in the park where you can pick these up, but I’m most excited to have a look in the Main Street Confectionery, as it seems to have a better selection that anywhere else I’ve seen in videos at least. Also it looks like the cutest little place and I just love bakeries and other type shops that have character. It likely helps that I’m already a huge fan of rice krispy cakes, so the idea of a huge one shaped like Mickey, coated in chocolate and M&M’s slays me.


6. Candied Apples

Oh man I have wanted one of these for so many years! Again I’m planning to check out the Main Street Confectionery for this, as I believe here you can actually watch them being made, and as some of the designs are incredibly complex and beautiful, I’m really looking forward to seeing the process behind them. I feel like I’ll be a little heart broken to actually eat it once I’ve chosen on of these gorgeous pieces of art, but when I do I have picked up a tip to make the process a little easier: once you’ve taken several photos of your apple of choice, you can actually ask the cast members to cut it up for you, which not only makes it less devastating to bite into, but also makes the entire eating process much easier.


5. The Daily Poutine, Disney Springs

Anyone from the U.K will be able to tell you the importance of cheesey chips to us as a nation. There are few takeaway establishments that don’t offer this national treasure nowadays, and I like to think of myself as a connoisseur for cheesey chips (if such a thing ever should exist). The pots of heaven offered here honestly seem just like cheesey chips but better and I cannot explain my excitement for sampling them.


4. Blaze Pizza, Disney Springs

If there’s anything I can eat copious amounts of in life, it’s pizza. I feel like I could have pizza for every meal of the day and still live a very happy, fulfilled life. With that said, I am so interested to check out Blaze and their personalised pizzas. From what I’ve heard, the pizzas here are thick and doughy, closer to Chicago pizza pies and that gets my heart racing. I’ll definitely be trying to squeeze in a few trips to Disney Springs to try out these goodies.


3. L’Artisan des Glaces, France Pavilion, EpCot

I’ve watched so many videos about this place and it’s built my hype to bring this pretty high on my list! The  looks like absolute heaven on earth, combining ice cream and a warm bun. I also love all the attention to detail here, the french newspaper that it’s wrapped in, the lovely seating area outside the shop and it’s location in a stunning part of the pavilion that is made to look like a quaint street in Paris, ideal!


2. Sleepy Hollow, Magic Kingdom

I do not even know how long I have been dreaming of these waffles, but all I can say is I’m ready for them. Nutella is life! At home, one of my favourite treats is little american pancakes, topped with Nutella and fresh strawberries, covered in double cream. It’s horrendous, I don’t even want to calculate the calories in it, and that’s why I try to keep it as a treat meal. However Sleepy Hollow’s waffle sandwich is pretty close to that, except huge, so I fully intend to make the most of the holiday “calories don’t count” vibes to destroy that.


1. Pumpkin Spice everything!

I know, you’re probably super disappointed in me for going real basic for my top choice, but I don’t care. The availability of even Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s here is shockingly low, so the idea that I can get one of these inside the parks is insane to me. Then I found out that I can get PS coffee beans from the Mickey coffee line, and also PS gelato, PS fritters, PS cookies and PS popcorn!!! And that’s only the things I’ve discovered thus far, when I get there I could even more PS goodies in their fall offerings. I am about ready to self combust with excitement over that. GET IN MA BELLY.

That about wraps us up for today’s post! Tell me, what’s your favourite thing to eat in Disney World and maybe I’ll add it to my list.


Kit xx

All images credited to Google